Language Access: Keeping Systems Accountable During Emergencies

COVID-19 has forced victim service providers to adapt and change to new ways of creating access for their clients. Gaps that existed before, including a lack of language access being provided, were made much more evident during the current health crisis. Advocates play an important role in creating greater access for survivors who are limited English proficient or Deaf and Hard of Hearing to other community systems and resources. This work is critical in order to decrease barriers for survivors, makes approaching the same resource easier the next time, and decreases barriers for others in similar situations. This webinar provides practical information on how to prepare advocates to facilitate change by intervening when systems are not complying with laws and guidelines regarding language access provision.

Angie Camarena
7 months agoSeptember 23, 2020
Thank you for this webinar
7 months agoSeptember 25, 2020
Thank you for this wonderful webinar! I learned so much, not only about language access, but also methods that could be used for other topics in systems advocacy. I am so inspired - thank you for sharing your expertise.
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